Project Information Management

Common Data Environment supporting BIM Level 2 project and programme delivery. Communicate information needs, capture and verify deliverables, review and approve data, and support contract communications through to project handover.

Common Data Environment supporting BIM Level 2

Turnkey compliance with ISO 19650 and other recognised industry information management standards.

Store and view documents, data and spatial information

Intuitively and spatially locate filed information to improve accessibility, search and retrieval.

Check, review and approve documents, and models

Enable workflow review and approval for documents, drawings and models to ensure verified receipt and status controlled distribution.

RFIs and contractual communications

Enable project managers to manage and report on the status of RFIs, NCRs and contractual communications across your projects and programmes.

Document management and project collaboration

Manage multiple file types with version control, file rendition support, placeholder file creation, secure shared folders and more.

Full history, version stack and audit trail

Mitigate risk of claim by maintaining a robust and immutable audit trail of every document version, action and interaction.

View and federate BIM files, build the Digital Twin

Federate, navigate and flythrough models. Perform clash highlighting, search and interrogate object properties and associate product datasheet information across multiple objects simultaneously.

Manage the project to asset handover

Co-ordinate the collection, collation, review and delivery of verified asset-tagged project information for the asset owner.

Replace outdated network share filing

Benefit from version control, full audit history, secure collaboration and access by the entire delivery team through powerful enterprise metadata and content search.

Dashboards and reporting

Visually report the status of contract communications, approvals and document registers across projects and programmes.

Intuitive map interface for project information access

Geolocate bids, tenders, projects and provide users with an intuitive map interface to intuitively navigate to information needed in their day-to-day role.

Integration with Autodesk

Seamless integration with Autodesk Forge allows native Autocad, Revit and Navisworks 2D and 3D model files to be viewed at full fidelity.

The Benefits

Feature 1

Support project (BIM) delivery

Deliver projects to client and
BIM Level 2 standards

Feature 2

Information can be trusted

Use up-to-date information
for the right purpose

Feature 3

Track progress

Monitor the timely delivery
of project information

Feature 4

Consistent auditable approach

A template approach brings
synergy and governance

Feature 5

Reduce risk

Central record of project
information with full audit trail

How it Works for

Main Image
Feature 1

Easy to use

BC’s Common Data Environment (CDE)
provides a UK based secure, easy to use
platform to manage and control information
across major projects.

Feature 2

Speeding up
design approvals

Controlled workflows guide
teams through their processes
speeding up design approvals
and RFIs.

Feature 3

Digital Component Library

The use of naming conventions, information
deliverables plus a Digital Component Library
ensures consistency and quality of key
information across programmes and projects.

What we offer

Feature 1

Easy to use

Focussed on delivering the
best user experience

Feature 2

Any device, anywhere

Desktop, laptop, tablet
and phone

Feature 3

Configurable and customisable

Proven flexibility delivered
to our customers

Feature 4

Integrate with solutions

Connect to third party
solutions via REST API

Feature 5

SaaS or self host

You decide where your
data is stored

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