Hosting and Security

Strict protocols on the management and
delivery of your projects and built assets.

ISO 27001 certified
UK datacentre

In this heightened age of information security and governance, governments and private clients are demanding strict protocols on the management and delivery of their projects and built assets.  

With our chosen ISO 27001 certified UK datacentres, UK support and UK based development staff, government and local authority clients are assured that no data will leave or be accessed outside the United Kingdom.

If you work outside the UK, that’s not a problem either. We have the capability to deploy on-premise, with AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Extra security options

Security has always been a high priority for BC. Not only can we enforce strong passwords but now we offer an extra level of security with a choice from Two Factor Authentication similar to internet banking, or SAML, a third-party identity provider (e.g. Microsoft Azure Active Directory), enabling single sign-on.

The aboves ensures that we remain one of the most secure CDE solution providers in the UK and gives you peace of mind of the security of your data.


Cloud security

If you need added assurance, we are listed on the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 12 which ensures suppliers have met the standards laid out in the G-Cloud framework and are compliant with them. G-Cloud reassures buyers that the technology on offer is aligned to the National Cloud Security Centre’s 14 principles on cloud security, ensuring fully secure access and storage of data, and integrity of suppliers.

The Private Cloud

With security vital on any construction project, our own cyber security is second to none. We don’t make you share cloud space with other clients, you have your own private cloud, meaning you have full control over your data and solution. This gives you greater configuration and branding options, and ensures your solution can expand to support your digital information management strategy, as it develops and matures.
View our Accreditations here.

Secura Hosting

Established in 2001, Secura are experts in SaaS hosting and supporting web applications that are critical to business processes. Secura cloud services are delivered from two of the UK’s leading Tier 3 data centres owned by an award-winning operator, whose clients include some of the UK’s leading banks, cloud vendors, systems integrators and telecommunications companies.

How do Secura approach data security?

Secura take on-site security at their data centres very seriously and have put rigorous measures and procedures in place to ensure the protection of data held at their facilities. In addition, Secura’s hosting infrastructure supports this by being secure by design, offering high availability to their customers through resilient connectivity and no single points of failure.

Security accreditations

BC is committed to following industry best practice which is demonstrated by the information management and security accreditations our specialist host partner has obtained:
  • ISO 27001: Information Security Management
  • ISO 9001: Quality Management
  • ISO 20000: IT Service Management

Class leading datacentre

All of your data is held at the class leading NGD datacentre (Europe’s largest Tier 3 data centre facility.)  The headlines of standard fully managed hosting service includes:
  • Dedicated, private instance
  • Proactive monitoring and management of hosted service
  • Installation of operating system and utility software upgrades and patches
  • SSL encryption (assuming a URL in the format “”)
  • Daily data backup and mirror of data to secondary UK hosting site, retained for 15 days


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