Clients and Owner-operators

Take ownership of your project and asset data,
know what's in your estate

Secure collaborative platform

Clients and owner-operators with geographically dispersed, new build and legacy assets, will recognise the value of well-managed and ordered data. Our solution provides a rational framework for the delivery of assured project information, mapped onto an organisations asset hierarchy (programme to project, map to model, asset to attribute) to make the most of everyday questions easy. 

The secure collaborative platform includes all of the tools needed to manage the project information in the format and detail you prescribe, along with the asset information needed to optimise performance of your estate. 
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Public Sector

Government clients are mandated to procure/ deliver projects to a BIM Level 2 standard (a standard supported by our out-of-the-box solution). As a G-Cloud 11 certfied service provider, public sector clients can now buy BIM compliant CDE services from BC in a transparent and straightforward way.

BC is a UK business, with a SaaS solution based team. When cyber security and data sovereignty are prime selection criteria, you can be assured that BC ticks all of the boxes. 

Private Sector

The asset information management requirements of clients and owner operators in utilities, retail, finance and energy have a lot of commonality, but equally are very different in their business, property and estate motives.

BC's software is unique because it provides programme level assurance for project delivery and information handover from the supply chain, coupled with a Level 2 compliant BIM CDE and geo-location capability to map a digital estate. The system delivers complete project and asset lifecycle management, putting clients and asset owning organisations in complete control.