What’s in a name? BC Enterprise from GroupBC!

Posted by GroupBC on 12/12/2017

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What’s in a name? BC Enterprise from GroupBC!

As we close this fabulous year, we’ve made some subtle changes to our brand and identity which will make an appearance as we enter 2018.

20 years’ experience

You may not know that we have been delivering project and asset information management solutions to construction and asset owner clients for nearing 20 years. The original application was known as Business Collaborator (sometimes BC for short), developed and supported by Business Collaborator Limited but in many instances the application was renamed by clients e.g. KOL, iCosnet, TwexNet to name but a few.

The solution was born at the advent of the dotcom era, initially labelled as a project collaboration tool, before riding through knowledge management and project extranet times, until its present day positioning as a common data environment (CDE) supporting companies on their journey in to BIM and digital transformation. Thus, over the years it has been recognised that our brand identity and solution positioning has become a little confusing and we’d like to tidy things up:

  1. As a company we will be referred to as GroupBC.
  2. Our core solution will be called BC Enterprise – at its core is a common data environment (CDE), supported by a range of modular capabilities providing operational efficiencies across the full project and asset lifecycle.

Information management specialists

To support this change, we have sought to clarify our solution and service capabilities, as well as adding some fresh new brand elements to delineate the solutions we offer and the industries and markets in which we are specialists.

All in all, it remains business as usual for GroupBC – a retained focus on delivering world class software to support better project delivery and improved asset management decisions. Whether you are a client that owns or operates assets (or both), or a contractor or consultant delivering amazing projects, GroupBC with our BC Enterprise software will continue support your everyday information management needs.