Managing Construction Project Information

Posted by Erica Coulehan on 11/02/2019

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Managing Construction Project Information

The amount of revenue invested in IT by construction firms stands at an incredibly low figure of 1.2%. Considering digital and technical investment is a prominent element of the UK’s Industrial Strategy, why isn’t the implementation of digital solutions being deployed across the entire supply chain?

Thankfully, the government’s latest Construction Sector Deal identifies digital solutions as a key strategy to boost the industry’s productivity and development. But, there are still some challenges preventing full engagement from small-to-mid-tier organisations, and especially housebuilders.

With this view in mind, GroupBC and Eque2’s white paper offers practical insights into how different companies can achieve their successful digital transformations. This paper gives businesses a linear understanding of how to adopt digital solutions, including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other systems to streamline project management and delivery.

Download the “Managing Construction Project Information” research white paper here.