Business Collaborator at Bentley's Year in Infrastructure

Posted by Business Collaborator on 14 October 2020

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Business Collaborator at Bentley's Year in Infrastructure

Join Business Collaborator at these on demand ACCELERATE webinar sessions

During Bentley's Year in Infrastructure digital conference, the ACCELERATE Webinar Series is a multi-track program of more than 190 sessions that will start on October 28 and continue into November. ACCELERATE will feature Bentley and user experts in panel discussions and interactive demonstrations on the latest product advances, innovations, and best practice digital workflows.

Sanjeev Shah and Stephen Crompton kicked off the ACCELERATE sessions with an overview of Business Collaborator and how it standardizes project delivery processes and improves the speed and accuracy of secure collaboration on complex programmes and projects, demonstrating the use by several of our users in a Q&A session.

Business Collaborator then featured in the following on demand Project Delivery sessions:

ACCELERATE: Reduce the time, cost and complexity of mobilizing and managing ISO 19650 compliant projects
As an growing global trend, many building and infrastructure clients want their projects to be delivered. A focus on standards compliant working, and notably the global adoption of the BIM standard, ISO 19650 is driving a change in tools used to run complex jobs. Shorter mobilisation periods on new projects means you need a collaborative tool for managing drawings, models, documents and data.
Greg Dixie and Matt Owen

ACCELERATE: Reduce administration delays and increase handover quality through the automated transfer of project deliverables between the contractor, their supply chain and the client
Conforming to a clients or consultants project protocols and information naming standards can be a difficult. BC Sync connects client and supply chain common data environments and automates the validation of, and transmittal of agreed information deliverables. BC Sync significantly reduces manual administration errors and speeds up the handover process, freeing up more time for project management and review.
Paul Houghton and Noel Gonzalez Jones

ACCELERATE: Transform capital project delivery performance by providing a single view of truth of federated and geo-located project and asset data
The HS2 digital twin provides a virtual railway that help teams find information during construction and operation on one of the biggest infrastructure programmes in Europe. Federating data from a variety of systems to produce a single view of truth, the BC Enterprise+ CDE delivers easy access to geo-located project and asset information for deeper insights and improved decision-making. Partner organisation PCSG lead the HS2 ‘virtual railway’ CDE implementation – in this talk, they share their experiences of delivering on the client’s ambitious digital vision.
Stephen Crompton and Adrian Burgess from PCSG

ACCELERATE: Accelerate your firms’ digital transformation with the implementation of an enterprise-scale common data environment (CDE) to improve the consistency and speed of project outcomes
Construction is a marginal industry. The implementation of enterprise level systems and processes can have a transformational effect to the way firms win and deliver projects and improve profitability. Placing a common data environment at the heart of a firm’s digital strategy can deliver immediate gains. This talk focuses on the implementation of BC Enterprise+ to 2 major firms, a contractor and a developer, highlighting the benefits of standardisation and integration.
Matt Owen and Mike Barber from Amodal

These sessions are all on demand so please register here if you wish to view them.