BC Projects

BIM Level 2 compliance for single projects

Improve your information management

BC Projects helps you achieve BIM Framework compliance fast on a single project. Remove your reliance on network folders, email and file sharing sites and adopt a turnkey solution that makes effective project collaboration easy, safe and secure. 

Across every stage of the project lifecycle, BC Projects is a powerful solution that ensures the entire project team is connected. A CDE like BC Projects helps prepare BIM Execution Plans (BEPs), guarantees technical data is shared securely in line with ISO 19650 (PAS 1192) and more. The right CDE is the first step to greater efficiency, increased productivity and BIM compliance.


BC Projects gives you:

  • A CDE that supports BIM Framework project delivery out-of-the-box
  • An accessible, powerful and secure cloud solution for project collaboration
  • A trusted archive with a complete audit trail of all project data
  • Less administration, greater security and faster compliance
  • Advice, guidance and support from BIM experts

BC Projects is ideal for:

  • Providing a single source for project information, for individual or joint venture projects
  • Growing companies looking to begin their digital transformation
  • Companies aiming for BIM accreditation in order to bid for public funded projects
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