BC Enterprise

The templated CDE supporting
organisation-wide delivery

Work more effectively
and efficiently

There are many challenges involved in managing complex construction projects. Managing disparate teams across different sites, ensuring project information is compliant with industry standards and ensuring handovers are both comprehensive and accurate; they all require efficient and effective data management.

BC Enterprise delivers a templated BIM Level 2 environment to enable better and more compliant working, fast. It works across multiple projects to drive consistency into your project delivery processes, helping you to manage the vast amounts of information involved in a construction project, so you can work more effectively and efficiently. 

BC Enterprise offers all the benefits of BC Projects, as well as:

  • Standardise digital delivery approaches across programmes and projects
  • Optimise processes and deliver executive insights across projects
  • Access project information via a user-friendly map interface
  • Connecting teams and standardising workflows with your extended supply chain
  • Replacing network shares, email and unsecure file share sites with an intuitive, scalable and secure Common Data Environment

BC Enterprise is ideal for:

  • Contractors and consultants looking to improve project delivery across programmes of work or multiple organisations
  • Clients and asset owners wanting to digitise estates, capture supplier-delivered project information to defined information management standards and maintain this in a secure, navigable archive for the full asset lifecycle. 
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