Asset Information Management

BIM Level 2 Common Data Environment delivering a standards compliant environment to communicate, collect, verify, store, present and report on BIM Level 2 information (structured data, 3D models and documents) about the full asset lifecycle.

Maintain an up-to-date Digital Twin

A platform to help manage assets and their information throughout their whole life cycle including projects.

Visualise your digital estate

Support better decision making by viewing assets, projects and linked documents and data, geo-spatially on a map. Layer in additional GIS and publicly available data, included from KML files. Make better decisions at an earlier stage, thanks to visibility of open GIS data.

Get answers to questions about your estate

Retrieve as-built information from stored documents, data and 2D/ 3D models for each asset and linked project. Tag with type and metadata to ensure easy retrieval.

Manage master set of asset information requirements

Create and maintain a master set of information to ensure consistency across each new asset or project.

Digital estate hierarchy and breakdown

Structure, classify and categorise your estate and asset breakdown structure into a navigable database, ready to support the capture of verified asset data, documents, drawings and model files.

Deliver programmes and projects across an estate

The information for programmes and projects can be managed alongside assets, across the estate.

Manage the transition from asset to project, to asset

Create new projects with up-to-date (as built) information from each Asset. Ensure that each asset is updated upon project completion.

Flexible breakdown structures

Define an asset breakdown structure for your estate. Manage multiple breakdown structures (requirements, discipline, work, etc.) for the same information.

Integrate with third-party solutions, including Azure AD and CAFM

Enable single sign-on with Azure Active Directory integration. REST API and Trigger, support allows connectivity with your existing CAFM solution.

Integration with Autodesk 3D Viewing technology

Seamless integration with Autodesk Forge allows 2D and 3D model files to be viewed at full fidelity.

Datasheet support

Deliver and maintain information data sheets. Import and process large batches of information in supported formats, streaming data drops.

Verification and validation of information

Ensure the validity of documents and data sheets meets pre-defined criteria.

The Benefits

Feature 1

Digital Estate

A digital representation
of your real assets

Feature 2

Information can be trusted

Use up-to-date information
for the right purpose

Feature 3

Optimise asset usage

Know what you have to
get the best out of it

Feature 4

Fewer surveys

Reduces the need to survey
the actual assets

Feature 5

Consistent auditable approach

A templated approach brings
synergy and governance

Feature 6

Track progress

Monitor the timely delivery
of asset information

Feature 7

Health and safety

Compliance for all assets
and projects

Feature 8

Save money

Leverage your digital estate
to optimise your process

How it Works for

Main Image
Feature 1

Managing asset information
and optimising the estate

Getting a supermarket's information (drawing, documents, etc) is a search away. Knowing what they have allows Sainsbury's to get best value from their assets.

Feature 2

Planning investments and
delivering projects

Parallel programmes of investments are planned and managed against each asset. Information requirements are detailed and tracked.

Feature 3

Integrated with Sainsbury's
enterprise solutions

BC is integrated with Sainsbury's Property Planning system and Spec and Standards. Entire programmes of work can be created in Salesforce and pushed into BC.

What we offer

Feature 1

Easy to use

Focussed on delivering the
best user experience

Feature 2

Any device, anywhere

Desktop, laptop, tablet
and phone

Feature 3

Configurable and customisable

Proven flexibility delivered
to our customers

Feature 4

Integrate with solutions

Connect to third party
solutions via REST API

Feature 5

SaaS or self host

You decide where your
data is stored

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